Friday, May 24, 2024

Kristen Daum

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Disasters affect more than local residents

The river bulges its banks. The only option: Get out of its way. As the floodwater rises, volunteers flock to pile sandbags along the water’s edge. Schools close, businesses shut down and daily life grinds to a halt as residents defend their community from an unstoppable force of nature.


Former ELPD cadet killed Sunday

Mason Samborski, a former East Lansing Police cadet and four-year officer with the Oak Park Police, was shot early Sunday morning when he was following up on an investigation after a traffic stop.


Get to know E.L. City Council

From noise and party ordinances to housing developments, the East Lansing City Council deals with it all. The five council members serve as the city's top governing body, typically elected by East Lansing residents. Last year, however, one member was appointed, not elected.

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