Monday, November 28, 2022

Jameson Draper


Jameson Draper is a features reporter for The State News.

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Column: Don't worry, MSU men's basketball will be fine

On Tuesday night, MSU fell to Duke 88-81 in basketball. With Duke being #1 in the country, that doesn’t seem like a bad loss, until you remember MSU was a close #2. The Spartans hung tough for about 75 percent of the game but faltered in the end, letting up a slew of Grayson Allen three-pointers and ultimately falling by seven points.


MSU helps take pandas off endangered species list

Over the past decade, efforts have been made to restore the revered pandas establishment in the wild. It had become an endangered species, and by 2003, MSU launched a reintroduction program for pandas through the China Center for Research and Conservation of the Giant Panda in the Wolong Nature Reserve.


Student-run business expands in less than a year

In April, The State News talked to the student-run business Land Grant Goods, a company established through MSU’s Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment, or RISE based out of Bailey Hall, about its business. Part of their products come from the Bailey Hall greenhouse itself.

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