Friday, August 12, 2022

Ian Kullgren

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Tribute to Lacey Holsworth painted over

An unidentified group has painted over a memorial at the rock on Farm Lane for 8-year-old Spartan basketball fan Lacey Holsworth. As of Monday morning, the Rock was covered in a fresh coat of white paint with a message that reads: "Congratulations a hero to someone" in green lettering.


Romney promises to restore economy, America

_TAMPA, Fla. —_ Mitt Romney accepted the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday night in front of a thunderous crowd of Republican delegates at the Tampa Bay Times Forum and thousands watching across the U.S., forging ahead in a campaign largely centered on preserving the vision of America for future generations of young citizens.


Health care plan raises questions

Gov. Rick Snyder said it’s too early to tell how health care options could change this fall for young adults in Michigan when the state plans to implement an insurance-purchasing partnership with the federal government.

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