Friday, December 8, 2023

Ian Johnson

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Internet connections

Crowded bars and sloppy-drunk parties got old quickly for Krysta Fenton. Although the bars and parties were a good way to meet people, the special education senior said she struggled meeting anyone she would consider relationship material.


Red planet resident

After trekking an hour up the slippery face of a mountain in full space gear, Mike Moran had reached the summit. Moran and two other crew members traveled 30 minutes from their temporary home in the Mars Desert Research Station to Olympus Mons, a Martian mountain three times the size of Mount Everest.


Fishing regulation vital for ecosystem

Visit any local grocery store and you’ll find a seemingly endless spread of some of the world’s finest fish, ready for purchase. To the average consumer, the variety and abundance of fish appears to have never been greater — and that’s the problem, said Bill Taylor, an MSU professor of fisheries and wildlife.

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