Friday, August 12, 2022

Ian Martin

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Progress has been slow but stable for Stacy Blakeslee

By Ian Martin Progress has been ‘stable,’ according to Dale Blakeslee, alumna Stacy Blakeslee’s dad. If not familiar with Stacy Blakeslee’s story, it was just last December when she suddenly fell sick with a severe staph infection that ended up creating a hole in one of her heart valves.


Smoking a basic human right, banned or not

A little over a week ago, as I was walking through Brody Hall to get dinner, I was asked by a girl who was member of “MSU’s Anti-Cancer Society,” if I’d sign a petition to make help make MSU smoke free to which I gave a definitive “no.” I didn’t say no because I was hungry and in a hurry, or because I’m a cigarette smoker myself, but simply because it’s an infringement on the civil liberties of those individuals who do choose to smoke. MSU already has a smoke-free policy that doesn’t allow smoking inside or within 25 feet of its buildings.

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