Friday, June 14, 2024

Elysia A. Smith

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Unfinished house in northern E.L. damaged in early morning blaze

A house under construction in northern East Lansing caught fire early Tuesday morning, sending flames high enough to be visible from about a half-mile away. Police blocked off traffic in the Hawk Nest Community subdivision near Chandler Road as firefighters battled the blaze under heavy snowfall, isolating it mostly to the garage and second floor. Heat from the blaze, located at 462 Anhinga Drive, melted siding off a neighboring house that also was unoccupied. After the white plumes of smoke cleared and fire hoses from the three responding trucks were shut off, a blackened roof frame and melted windows were left in the fire's wake. Nearby residents said the houses in the subdivision are about 2 years old and that the area is still under development.