Saturday, October 23, 2021

Derek Kim

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‘My goal is not to shove my religion in your face’

The definition of love has become a war zone in our modern age. The hordes of love’s interpretations threaten to suck the life out of the word. But love is not subjective. It has an objective meaning. And its truth is under relentless attack when I hear people on campus use the phrase, “Stop shoving religion down peoples’ throats.”


Column: NCAA rules clearly spell out Miller suspension

The shadow of the birds’ wings was all Braxton Miller needed. Ohio State running back Dontre Wilson and offensive lineman Marcus Hall were ejected for their participation in a near-bench clearing scuffle against Michigan on Saturday. The Big Ten spent the past three days reviewing film and officials’ reports of the incident.


Students wealthy through education

The phrase is quite possibly one of the greatest oxymorons uttered by our generation. So easily, it slips off our tongues. You check your latest bank statement: $19.83. Looks like you won’t be going out to P.F. Chang’s anytime soon. “I’m a poor college student.” But $600 for textbooks? That’s nothing at all. Don’t forget about your iClicker, notebooks and futon for the dorm. Oh, and did I mention the $42,652 out-of-state tuition, room and board on top of everything? “I’m a poor college student.”

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