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Recreation, food found in morel mushroom picking

Kurt Lamour is a morel mushroom maniac.To him, April is a time to get outdoors and forage through the Michigan foliage to find some tasty fungi.“Mushroom-picking is a tradition that has been passed down in my family from generation to generation,” said Lamour, a botany and plant pathology graduate student.


Study focuses on patients

To doctors at the MSU Clinical Center, multiple sclerosis research isn’t all about tests and trials - it’s about the patients. Dr. Eric Eggenberger, an MSU associate professor of neurology and opthalmology, has worked throughout his career to find and use new treatments for the disease, but also to make it easier for those afflicted by MS. “Multiple sclerosis is a very common disease,” Eggenberger said.


Foot-and-mouth crisis concerns spread to U

What’s quickly becoming an overseas crisis is gradually becoming a concern for MSU officials.MSU agricultural experts are taking notice of the overseas outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease, all the while preparing for the possibility of the epidemic finding its way onto American soil.The first case of the disease was confirmed in Great Britain on Feb.


Psychology project examines language

If you ever wondered, um, why people, uh, have trouble understanding you, well so have some of MSU’s top psychologists.Fernanda Ferreira, a professor of psychology, is researching the development of a theory into how people are able to understand the sentences we hear in the real world that are full of corrections, mistakes and disfluencies.“The question I am interested in is how people, mainly adults, understand language,” she said.