Thursday, December 8, 2022

Casey Holland

Casey Holland is the Copy Chief for The State News.

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Column: Make mental health a part of the conversation earlier

Someone once told me I shouldn’t write about mental illness. He said no one wanted to read about people who couldn’t get out of bed in the morning, adding that anyone who has panic attacks needs to “man up and get over it.” Of course, as he said this he was unaware of the fact that I had medication for depression and two anxiety disorders in my purse.


For summer housing, plan ahead and communicate

Last summer was my first experience living on my own outside of the dorms - the amount of freedom I'd found in East Lansing during my freshman year was something I did not want to let go of once summer rolled around.  So when my friend told me she was subleasing her apartment out for the summer while she went on a study abroad, everything felt as if it were falling into place.

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