Thursday, June 1, 2023

Bryce Airgood

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Students microdose to study and clear their minds

Usually when she’s studying, MSU junior Shelby will chunk out exactly what she wants to accomplish and will leave her phone somewhere far away from her so she can focus. Other times, when she’s really got to buckle down and focus, she’s employs a study method called microdosing she said. According to Collective Evolution, microdosing is a trend that’s growing more popular in places like SIlicon Valley. Microdosing means to, “take small amounts of psychedelics during the day in order to enhance focus, creativity, patience, and connection to others” according to the website.


MSU student uses childhood misfortune to fuel toy drive for children

Food industry management senior Sherria Hamilton knows what it’s like to not "have it all" around the holidays. Hamilton said she has a lot of siblings, nine altogether. As a result, there were some holidays when her mother would tell her and her siblings they could only receive one gift. She said gift would often be something the kids needed, like clothes, but not something they necessarily wanted, like toys.