Saturday, February 24, 2024

Brandi Lewandowski

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Michigan celebrates Arbor Day

Kate Bernard, and 48 other local elementary teachers, are bringing their students to the zoo today, to help them learn about trees.More than 1,000 second- and third-grade students from the Lansing area will meet today at Potter Park Zoo, 1301 S.


LCC inaugurates fourth president

LANSING - More than 300 people attended the inauguration of Lansing Community College’s fourth president, Paula Cunningham, on Thursday at the Lansing Center, 333 East Michigan Ave. “As most of you know, being a community college president was not my plan,” Cunningham said during her inaugural speech.


Education bond incites protest

LANSING - Less than a dozen people gathered on the steps of the Capitol on Wednesday to urge community members to “Vote No May 1” and protest Lansing’s school bond.Although hundreds of community members showed up at previous rallies supporting the $388.5 million school bond, only a handful of residents took a stand against the bond, saying they’ll “Vote No” when the city of 127,000 people sends voters to the polls on May 1.