Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Brandi Scarber

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University Activities Board gets national recognition for events

Catherine Fitzpatrick -We put a great deal of work into our program and have been a member for many years, and to get the recognition from the assoc and our peers about having an outstanding program is huge. -There has to be something else for students to do besides just got to class, they need to enjoy their experience on campus. Emily Fenger -We want to make sure that students have the opportunity to explore new and different things and have a place to go with their friends -We strive to have things free or at a very low cost too, because we understand that college students don't have a lot of money. -I think that depending on the event, it will provide different things and many different outlets -These are not typical experiences that you will get by sitting in your room watching a movie -It’s really exciting to be recognized on a large scale like this, we all try to do our best so it really awesome to be recognized nationally