Saturday, June 22, 2024

Arthur Alcid

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Women need to take responsibility

This is in response to Maria Raviele's letter "Abortion isn't easy decision for women" (SN 11/18). It is refreshing to see that the abortion supporting argument recognizes the "mental anguish" women go through when they decide to have an abortion.


Parking fines can solve budget woes

In response to the two mass e-mails sent to every MSU student and staff member the last two weeks, urging them to e-mail their state Legislature to reduce cuts made to our university, I would like to propose the following solution to the school's financial problems: more parking fines.


Writer marginalizes groups on campus

Tom Amon's letter "SN Opinion Page has liberal biases" concerning The State News opinion section was patently outrageous. Amon claims that "the opinion pieces are overwhelmingly written by far-left liberals, lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender members or someone slamming conservatives." All State News readers should know that Amon's associative stereotyping of lesbians and gays as "liberals" is far from true.


Bad behavior fault of stadium guests

As a Department of Police and Public Safety employee working security at the MSU-University of Michigan game, I find Valerie Fournier's letter "'U', police should communicate more" personally offensive and full of false statements. First, to "someone who has been to every home football game for the past three years," Fournier — and other Spartan football veterans — should know better than to bring prohibited items into the stadium (which includes larger purses). Not only is it posted on, outside the stadium and broadcast on local TV, there also were security personnel warning patrons before they got to the gates.