Thursday, December 8, 2022

Amy Bartner

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Burton's 'Wonka' creative, darker than original

Let's get one thing straight - "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" is not a remake of 1971's "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory." Rather, it's an adaptation of the 1964 book by Roald Dahl, bearing the same title, and parallels the children's novel closer than Mel Stuart's generation-spanning favorite.


The State News asks for your images, video accounts of Sat. night

You've all been talking about the events - or riot, disturbance, melee, call it what you want - of April 2-3. You've all been sharing war stories about how a tear-gas canister fell at your feet when you were simply returning home from the bar after a disappointing loss in the Final Four. And for the most part, many of you have been criticizing either the police or the revelers on their actions that night.


Students raise LBGT awareness in Pride Week

MSU's Pride Week begins Thursday with a series of events that organizers say will celebrate and educate the campus community about lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender identities. The week-long event is put on each year by various student groups and university office staff, who organize the demonstrations and projects.


WEB-ONLY: A timeline of Saturday's action

11 p.m.: Game ends, people begin to gather on campus and in East Lansing, specifically in Cedar Village and Albert Avenue by Buffalo Wild Wings, 360 Albert Ave. 11 p.m.: Police begin announcing over loudspeakers in Cedar Village that the gathering was an "unlawful assembly" and would soon begin making arrests. 11:15 p.m.: Police begin releasing tear gas. 11:27 p.m.: One of the two helicopters circling the area shines lights down on the gathering in Cedar Village.