Saturday, February 4, 2023

Amanda Clapp

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Police aim to educate E.L.

East Lansing residents will have the opportunity to attend a citizens’ police academy hosted by East Lansing police. Those who work or live in East Lansing or are enrolled in MSU and are 18 or older may submit an application to East Lansing police.


Council to discuss new traffic lights

The East Lansing City Council will discuss the installation of a traffic light on Abbott Road, the approval of a contract to improve streets downtown and the commemorating of the city’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Study to guide E.L. housing development

The city of East Lansing will begin a housing study Dec. 1 to see if there is a market for different types of housing such as town houses and condominiums.The idea for the study came from past city council discussions and other boards and commissions, said Angela Cheney, an analyst for community and economic development.“First, we had a big group meeting, involving a city council member, planning members and the assistant city manager,” Cheney said.