Friday, May 24, 2024

Aaron Johnson

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DNR to provide refunds

Outdoor sports enthusiasts will be asking the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to fish into their pockets. A $1 fee increase was accidentally charged to 5,000 fishing and turkey license holders. The extra fee has DNR Director K.


Small businesses may see sales increase

Small businesses can expect a business boom according to the Small Business Association of Michigan. The report, released last week, cited optimism in owners and a decreasing amount of good help as signs that businesses can expect more sales.“Sounds good to me,” said Ray Walsh, owner of Curious Book Shop, 307 E.


U tests river for bacteria

As some students walked heads-down to class Monday, Betty Wernette-Babian was dropping a small glass bottle down the side of the Farm Lane bridge.The MSU sanitarian pulled the yellow line up, complete with a new sample of yellowish Red Cedar River water.“It’s got a muddy appearance but that’s natural for this river,” she said.Wernette-Babian takes samples weekly in three places on the MSU campus - Farm Lane, Hagadorn Road and Kalamazoo Street - which are then sent to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for E.


Group rallies on Earth Day

In contrast to the global warming a small group of students was warning against Monday afternoon, East Lansing offered a brisk 41 degrees to ECO members as they walked from the Union to the Administration Building.With signs reading “Green is great” and “Love your mother,” the group of about six people sang, “Happy Earth Day to You,” on its route while trying to raise awareness about global warming.