Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Aaron Foley

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The vault: 'Class Act' captures the '90s better than most

After "House Party," but before they faded into oblivion, pop-rap duo Kid 'N Play teamed up for "Class Act," a slapstick teen comedy that is pure '90s. The 1992 film encompasses more aspects of the decade than any VH1 special could — most of the characters wear Cross Colours, the language is "dope" and everything's asymmetric, including main character Duncan Pinderhughes' hairstyle. The movie tells a tale of mistaken identities.


The bartender

Let's say you and your friends want to get right for the night, but are low on cash. You don't want to spend too much — maybe you'll have to take a cab somewhere, a bar might charge cover, and a late-night Taco Bell run is probably in the works.


Author J.L. King to visit campus tonight

J.L. King, the author of "On the Down Low: A Journey into the Lives of 'Straight' Black Men who Sleep with Men" will be paying a visit to campus tonight. "On the Down Low" digs into the underground phenomenon of men who cheat on their significant others with other men, but do not consider themselves to be gay or bisexual.