Saturday, February 24, 2024



MSU hockey jumps to No. 4 in USCHO and No. 3 in PairWise rankings during bye week

 Being sixth in the polls after a sweep of their in-state rivals, the Michigan Wolverines, the Spartans went to the bye week in high spirits, and even without play, the team continued to make big moves as the Spartans jumped to fourth place in both the USCHO and USA Hockey polls. This is the highest rank the Spartans have received in the polls since the team ranked third place back in their 2007 season.


The power of perseverance: How MSU's Josh Terrill is wrestling against the odds

“The biggest lesson you can take from wrestling is no matter what happens, you can always get back up and reset and be successful at what you want to do,” Terrill said. “And that goes in life too. If something terrible happens in your life, you can get back from that you don’t have to dread that. Tough times don't last but tough people do, and wrestling makes tough people.”


‘Fearless’ MSU baseball team gears up for 2024 season

As a new season begins, high expectations continue for the team and a search for new hope begins as well. In 2023, the Spartans finished 33-22 and 12-12 in the Big Ten, as they placed seventh in the Big Ten, right behind the University of Michigan. MSU’s win total last season was the highest since winning 36 games in 2016.