Wednesday, September 23, 2020



Spartan Remix faces challenge online, organizations feeling disconnect

“Safety is the most important thing, in the summer we were debating having it online or having it in-person, ultimately we made the call to have it online because that was the safest option,” student director Jay Gooden said. “If I have to sacrifice attendance a little to keep people safe, that’s what we have to do.”


East Lansing Hannah Community Center set to reopen partially

Community members will be required to participate in a health screening and wear face coverings within the facility upon reopening. However, face coverings will not be required when swimming or in locker room showers. Temperatures will also be taken during the health screening. 


Mayor Aaron Stephens reflects on his journey to mayor, his position on a historic council

“I obviously did not expect to be in the position that I am right now," Stephens said. "I didn’t even expect to be mayor pro tem. Being mayor pro tem was a really big honor in itself because that showed my fellow council members had some faith in me to be a leader on the council already, which was really, honestly, very, very humbling for me — and I was proud of that.”


What's happening at University of Michigan

"Reclaim MSU advocates for shared governance, in which students, faculty, and staff are involved in university decision making at the highest levels," ReclaimMSU said in a statement. "The GEO strike at the University of Michigan illustrates what happens when administrators make decisions alone, without shared governance and without fully engaging all stakeholders. This action also demonstrates the moral power and organizational strength of the GEO. We stand in solidarity with them and applaud their courage."


Building named after KKK member changed, Melissa Woo appointed as EVP for Administration

“I recognize the unfortunate impact on the Nisbet family but our decision is not about Mr. Nisbet’s family or even his contributions to educational, public or corporate life in Michigan," MSU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. said. "Instead, it’s about acknowledging that the KKK has been involved in extreme racism and horrific violence towards Black Americans.” 


4th and last chief diversity officer finalist holds virtual forum

“The broad goals that I think would be areas that should receive keen focus are ... to support the retention and promote the success of members of underrepresented groups; to enhance the overall living, learning and working experience of members of the Spartan community; and to booster outreach engagement in economic development throughout the state of Michigan and beyond," Jabbar Bennett said.