Thursday, February 9, 2023



Digging deep into forensic anthropology

Director of MSU’s Forensic Anthropology Laboratory Carolyn Isaac digs into the process used to identify human remains. She said forensic anthropologists hold the role of "stewards" to individuals who may have been victims of violent crimes.


Pi Alpha Phi fraternity member's charges dropped, witnesses react

In connection with the death of MSU student Phat Nguyen, the Ingham Country Prosecutor’s Office dismissed Hoang John Huu Pham’s charges on Sept. 15. "The pledge that died was 100% hazed to death, I will say that,” a witness said. “I saw it first thing — they obviously wouldn’t do it to themselves, somebody made them do it.”


APASO Rep. pushes bills for renaming campus lab to support Vietnamese community

This hasn’t been a unique experience to MSU. In 2020, the Board of Trustees renamed the Nisbet Human Resources Building after the discovery of Stephen Nisbet's affiliation with the Klu Klux Klan in the 1920s. “It’s shown that Stanley has the power to do this,” Le said. “It’s been shown that the Board of Trustees have the power to do this. So, if they did this to Nisbet, why can’t they do it with Gaynor?”