Monday, March 4, 2024



MSU faculty senate calls for Vassar’s removal, reports conduct to accreditor

Michigan State University’s faculty senate moved to file a report with the school’s accreditor alerting them to conduct of embattled board chair Rema Vassar which they believe could jeopardize accreditation. The resolution also called for Vassar’s resignation, and said that if she refuses, the other trustees should vote her out as chair and call on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to completely remove her from the board.


How would Gov. Whitmer remove a trustee?

It’s rare for a Michigan governor to remove a member of a university governing board. But with recent calls for Michigan State University’s board chair to be removed, the decades-unused constitutional right may finally be utilized. How does it work?


Tucker to appeal MSU’s sexual harassment decision

Fired MSU football coach Mel Tucker will appeal the resolution officer's decision that he violated university policy, according to a statement from his sports agent. The statement said the decision comes as “absolutely no surprise,” and is “fraught with countless factual and legal errors.”