Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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It might take effort to find, but modern music is better than ever

You’ve probably heard it from your parents, or anyone from the Classic Rock era, that music today is disposable, or that it doesn’t hold the “timeless” quality that music from their era does. While most of these claims are biased and subjective, there may be some truth to them. It’s difficult to state what the sound of our generation is, or even to make the argument that many songs today will be heard more than a few years after their release date.


Freshman looks to take first steps in music career

Starting out in the music industry isn’t easy for everyone and Aaron Pride, a fisheries and wildlife freshman, can back that statement up. Pride sat down with The State News to discuss why he picked his non-musical related major and what artists influence him the most in music.


People should purchase their music

Spotify allows you to stream a huge variety of albums for free with relatively few ads in between songs. With the convenience of having music available for free on their website and on their mobile app, many people are less likely to actually buy music off of iTunes or the physical CD.


MSU Opera performances go beyond just singing

Each time he steps on stage, vocal performance senior Jon OakleyOH acknowledges that it is an opportunity for more than just showcasing his talent. While most of his family and friends are unfamiliar with opera productions, Oakley finds purpose in using his skills to create a new experience for the audience. “It’s always great to give people exposure to a different art form that they have never really seen,” he said. OH“A lot of people have predispositions about opera and they think it’s just people standing and singing, but that’s not the case.