Friday, December 1, 2023



Deadline to request Credit-No Credit extended until Dec. 8

Michigan State University students now have until Dec. 8, 2023, to request a "Credit-No Credit" grade for courses that do not fulfill major or general education requirements for this semester. This was formally announced on the university's advising page, last updated Nov. 17. Here is some more information about why this was instituted and how it affects students. 


Native American Heritage Month celebrates community, highlights issues within MSU

November is Native American Heritage month, and with different events and programming taking place around campus, some community members of MSU feel that the university itself needs to do a better job to support the Native people and organizations. Ranging from things like the lack of recognition of the land grant, lack of funding and lack of support as a whole, community members look to change the treatment and role of Indigenous people at MSU.


Houselights: Oversharing on the internet

Some people use the internet as their digital diaries, even if they should keep some things to themselves. Today hosts Liz Nass and Jaden Beard are going to not only discuss others who may overshare on the internet, but also overshare some things about themselves on the internet.