Friday, September 29, 2023



Experts say more expansive sex education is needed to destigmatize STIs

Michigan’s sex education program only mandates teaching about two things: HIV and AIDS and promoting abstinence as a healthy lifestyle. However, many sexual education policy experts are advocating for a more expansive minimum to be taught, one that includes not only discussion of sexually transmitted infections, or STIs, but also the concept of "sexual citizenship."


News of recent gun violence retraumatizing for MSU survivors

Seeing news of more incidents of gun violence can be triggering for MSU students who are still trying to heal after the tragedy, like social relations policy and international relations freshman Khushi Gooroochurn."Now that it has happened, it’s as though it cannot stop happening.” 


Is TikTok a security threat? MSU media experts weigh in

According to Shillar, recent attacks on TikTok are largely due to the freedom of expression it provides, which can be a threat to certain political groups. Young people often use the app to express their feelings and sometimes organize political movements. “This is not really a security issue, it’s a free speech issue.”