Monday, May 20, 2024



State departments, MSU release pilot app for early detection

The app works by assigning those who have tested positive for COVID-19 a code that allows them to anonymously share that they have tested positive. The app then uses Bluetooth to detect nearby phones that also have the app, and if for 15 minutes, a user is within six feet of someone that has tested positive, the user will get a notification.


Stanley provides update on MSU finances following state appropriations, fall enrollment

"In the meantime, MSU will continue to deliver on its core mission as an inclusive community with strong academic disciplines and a liberal arts foundation," President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. said in an email. "Despite our challenges, we will continue providing a world-class education, conducting high-caliber research and advancing outreach and engagement locally and globally."


How President Stanley's background influences MSU's COVID-19 decisions

“The mantra that I have, when it comes to COVID-19: everyone's infected, including you,” Stanley said.  “And that’s how I look at what I do. I just assume that everybody I come in contact with potentially has COVID-19, and I assume I potentially have COVID-19. So it’s my responsibility to not infect them, and I’m expecting them to take responsibility to not infect me.”