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Haraz Coffee House opened in East Lansing

March 19, 2024
Haraz Coffee gets ready for a steady flow of customers at their new Grand River location on March 16, 2024.
Haraz Coffee gets ready for a steady flow of customers at their new Grand River location on March 16, 2024. —
Photo by Jonah Brown | The State News

Haraz Coffee House, a Yemeni franchise, will have a 'soft opening' on Sunday and a grand opening on Monday, March 18. 

Haraz CEO Hamzah Nasser brought the coffee served at Haraz from overseas to share at his franchises, according to shop owner Dina Elhout.

"Hamzah Nasser brings his coffee from his family farm in Yemen," said Elhout. "They pack it, and it gets shipped overseas, and then (he) takes it to his headquarters in Dearborn where he personally roasts it himself, packs it and then distributes it to all his locations."

The Dearborn-born franchise has more than 10 locations across the nation. Elhout said they are rapidly growing, and anticipate opening more locations in other college towns in the future.

Elhout says Haraz is unique compared to other local coffee shops.

"The ingredients, the techniques, I guess the recipes. Ingredients matter. The coffee beans are authentic. They are premium coffee beans that come directly from (the mountains of Yemen)," said Elhout. "The ingredients that we use here are also from overseas, minus the regular whole milk. Just the recipes, the flavors and the techniques."

An aspect of Haraz that Elhout takes pride in is how comfortable and enjoyable the entire franchise is. 

Elhout said they cater to students being a college town franchise. She said a majority of their tables have outlets and USB ports for student use.

"We do have some tables that don't have outlets. (They) will be catered more to people that just want to come and relax and chat and meet up, you know, catch up or something with a friend or family," said Elhout. "But it's big. It's very warm. It's comfortable. It's airy, with large windows (and) natural sunlight. It’s just a very aesthetically pleasing environment."

Additionally, Elhout said they are specifically catering to Spartans. Haraz has incorporated green tiles and pendants for MSU students. 

As well as coffee, Haraz will have an espresso bar, serve iced refreshers and offer baked goods and desserts, both "savory and sweet."

Elhout said they will open at 7 a.m., but have no set closing hours yet.

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