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Students and Lansing residents get in line for 4/20 deals

April 20, 2023
A line forms inside Pure Options to purchase weed on April 20, 2023.
A line forms inside Pure Options to purchase weed on April 20, 2023. —
Photo by Maggie George | The State News

"4/20 baby."

That's what brought one greater Lansing resident to the dispensary, Pure Options, located 125 N. Clippert Street. 

This senior said she is celebrating the holiday by getting a pre-roll, which is a ready-made joint or blunt cigar used to smoke marijuana. Her favorite thing to get from Pure Options is one-eighth of an ounce of the indica strain of marijuana.

She chose Pure Options over other Lansing dispensaries because her roommate used to work there, it's more familiar.

Lansing Community College film major Michael Long walks out of Pure Options after purchasing weed on April 20, 2023.

Another person in line, a Lansing resident named Avery, said the deal on cartridges brought her to the dispensary Pincanna— eleven cartridges for $99.

Avery calls herself a regular at PIncanna. She said she likes everything, but cartridges are convenient and easy.

"I have reward points. That really helps with deals and savings," Avery said.

One Michigan State University environmental studies and sustainability major said he chose Pure Options because it's affordable as a college student. Also, he said the location is convenient.

"The reason I came out here today is to grab great flowers because of the prices and the convenience of it," he said. "I mean, it's right in the area. It's something we do every day, something that we enjoy doing."

A DJ plays music while people wait in line to purchase weed at Pure Options on April 20, 2023.


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