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ASMSU elects new vice president of financial operations

April 19, 2023
<p>Drew Gardner giving his speech at the ASMSU election on April 18, 2023.</p>

Drew Gardner giving his speech at the ASMSU election on April 18, 2023.

As the current Associated Students of MSU associate vice president of financial operations, Drew Gardner is now moving up to the role of vice president of financial operations, or VPFO.  

“My goals as VPFO center on making our services more productive, accessible and reliable,” Gardner said.

Before Gardner gave his speech, the general assembly decided four questions they would ask both candidates during their first closed session. Jewish Student Union representative Matthew Zivian asked how he would work with diverse general assembly representatives to allocate the general fund.

“My doors always open, feel free to come in," Gardner said. "Number two, you all know that you all know what you need. Communicate that and I will work hand in hand with you all to get you what you want.” 

While having a background in understanding the position, Gardner said he also knows how to work with people.

“We should put our services out in our social media a lot, also tabling events, going from building to building on campus, getting face-to-face interaction with students, that's a major thing,” Gardner said.

While Gardner also noted where ASMSU fell short in the past, including not accommodating rising inflation and providing more funds to CORES and COPS groups on campus. 

After the general assembly met for its second closed session for the election of VPFO, it was voted at 1 a.m. that Gardner would serve as the Vice President of Financial Operations for the student body.

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