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ASMSU approves upcoming budget, new vice presidents of academic, governmental affairs

April 20, 2023
<p>ASMSU sweatshirt worn to the election on April 18, 2023.</p>

ASMSU sweatshirt worn to the election on April 18, 2023.

The second night of elections for the Associated Students of Michigan State University began with unanimously passing the bill approving the budget for the 2023 to 2024 academic year.

The $21 of each students' tax will be distributed to different ASMSU programs. Of that, $1.25 is allocated to the readership program and $3 is allocated to ASMSU’s Safe Ride Program. The rest of the funds are distributed among various operational services, including payroll and allocations to student organizations.

ASMSU's projected tax revenue from summer 2023 to spring 2024 is $1,819,125.

After addressing the budget, the next set of elections were kicked off: the race for vice president of academic affairs. Alissa Hakim won the election after a re-vote.

“As VPAA, I want to emphasize that we all have a right to feel safe, comfortable, accounted for and empowered at the university we live, learn, and exists at,"  Hakim said. "As a member of the Office of the President, I hope to foster an environment where every student feels as though they belong."

Hakim spoke about her goals for the future of the position.

“I really want to re-envision the VPAA position as not something that advocates for but that advocates with," Hakim said.

Devin Woodruff won the election for the vice president of governmental affairs with 25 votes.

Earlier in the night during public comment, students spoke up on behalf of Woodruff.

“I support Devin Woodruff for VPGA," College of Social Science representative Colton Tinsley said. "He has the right attitude and vision for this position. He genuinely wants to serve this community and ensure every Spartan has the opportunity to flourish.”

Woodruff outlined many of the experiences he personally has had in his speech to show the general assembly his first-hand experience. He said he hopes to split the office into two things: advocacy and voter registration.

Woodruff comes from a background with the Council of Racial and Ethnic Students and Council of Progressive Students.

“I want everyone on this campus to feel like they have a home and they can feel safe," Woodruff said. "So I want to push points and advocacy points that showcases that you all should feel like you can have a home here, that you all can feel like you can showcase who you are. And you can be true to that because at the end of the day, you want to be at a university in which you feel safe.”

With the last two spots to fill in the Office of the President, the final two elections will be on April 20 at 7 p.m.

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