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Student-run fashion magazine seeks to bring opportunity, inspiration to Black students

October 5, 2022
<p>Photo courtesy of Brandon Williams.</p>

Photo courtesy of Brandon Williams.

Photo by Courtesy Photo | The State News

N Crowd: a fashion magazine and organization created by and for Black students. 

The idea was brought to life by apparel and textile design juniors Takai Taggart and Damond Hardwick. Taggart, who serves as the president, said she wanted to create her own fashion organization geared toward Black students because preexisting fashion organizations at MSU didn’t have many opportunities to advance in position. With N Crowd, she seeks to change this.

“My goal is to make a safe space for people of color who are interested in the arts -- particularly fashion -- and just inspire Black students that it is possible to pursue a career in fashion,” Taggart said.

Hardwick, who serves as the organization's vice president, shares a similar outlook on the goals of the organization.

“We just really want to give Black students a platform to express their creativity,” Hardwick said. “I feel like I bring a lot of creativity to the organization as well. We’re just looking to give people a platform whether it be fashion, art, photography or modeling.”

Information science sophomore Brandon Williams works as N Crowd's photographer. He plans to use his photography skills to translate the organization's message to its audience and share the creativity of fashionable students at MSU.

"I want to incorporate everyone's look and their stories with fashion,” Williams said. “I had the idea of giving the opportunity to those who have their own clothing line that go to Michigan State to showcase their brand and tell why they started it.”

Taggart said not everybody believed in her ideas at first. 

“When I changed my major, not everyone was super supportive and didn’t really see the vision until later," Taggart said. "I want to be an example, to Black students, that you can do it. I just want to inspire people.”

 As Taggart and Hardwick grow N Crowd, they both look to incorporate their own work into the organization.

Hardwick created the clothing brand “Coutur3 Culture” last spring, and plans to integrate his creations into the magazine. Taggart plans to create her own brand, as well.

 “I really want our content to be super unique and creative,” Taggart said. “I want it to really inspire students so we plan to post weekly and do interactive things for the organization.”

Members of N Crowd, though still in the developing stage, shared what people can expect to see from them in the coming months.

“We plan to host a fashion show in November, which will be partnered with Ladies Of Elevation ... and all the Black-owned brands on campus,” Taggart said. “I really want to make a space for Black students to network with professionals, so hope we have some guest speakers and panels as well.”

To keep up with the N Crowd, you can follow them on Instagram.

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