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MSU students react to Queen Elizabeth II's death at age 96

September 8, 2022
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After reigning the throne for 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II has died at age 96 after being placed under medical supervision.

Many members of the local community are mourning the loss of the British monarch who ruled for a third as long as America has been formed as a free nation.

“I’m pretty heartbroken,” advertising management sophomore Broxten Davis said. “She was an (international) icon … everybody knows Queen Elizabeth.”

Public policy freshman Abby Anderson said she learned of the news through Snapchat.

"I have a friend who lives in Great Britain, and she was like ‘Our Queen died,'" Anderson said. "I am kind of shocked, but she was old.”

Davis said that social media is a big part of the international mourning process, so if he sees a heartfelt Instagram graphic he thinks it's important enough to repost to share the grief. However, others are confused by America's response to a British tragedy.

“I feel like (America) has a weird attachment,” neuroscience sophomore Hannah Smith said. “It doesn’t affect us as much but everyone talks about it.”

Members of the royal family gathered around the queen's side at the time of her death, including her son King Charles III, who will be assuming the throne.

Many do not trust King Charles III as they did the long-reigning queen, due to his tumultuous relationship with Princess Diana, making him, to some, the lesser choice for the crown.

“I’m mad that Charles is going to be king," political science pre-law freshman Kathryn Williams said. “I will never forgive him for what he did to Diana.”

Many are relating this tragedy back to home. English senior Alexus Parsell said she was shocked to find out that her 101-year-old grandmother outlived the queen.

“I think British Twitter is not going to be good," Parsell said. “I’m here for them … I understand that’s (the queen is) like an icon for them. It’ll be okay.”

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