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In my defense: Why I DoorDash while living on Grand River

September 30, 2022
<p>Design by Madison Echlin.</p>

Design by Madison Echlin.

Photo by Madison Echlin | The State News

I know you read that title and are asking yourselves "what is wrong with her?”. Don't fret, I ask myself that every day.

It all started in the dorms last year. I was a young 19-year-old and was sick of dining hall food — also I was quite sick, as there are only so many times I can eat at Case Hall's Veg-Out.

I only eat halal food, so I was quite limited in my meal-plan options anyways. Yes, I could have walked to Brody Square for a larger array of food to choose from.

But, in my defense, I just didn't want to walk to Brody, to sit by myself and eat halal rotisserie chicken.

Why would I not just order Taco Bell? I love a good (vegetarian) chalupa.

That's what I did. I began that journey of DoorDash self-discovery that I am still on today through vegetarian chalupas.

And, no, I am not crazy. I don't pay for DashPass monthly. I paid for my DashPass upfront for an entire year, so why wouldn't I still use it even while living on Grand River?

I don't have DoorDash tips for you either. I go by vibes and pick what I want.

However, I try to avoid restaurants within a one-mile radius because DoorDash is a luxury; I use it to explore greater Lansing good joints that would require a non-MSU-CATA bus ride. Keep in mind, I don't drive.

And, in my defense, I'm just really busy. I can't spend two hours of my time riding to restaurants for food.

I guess the founders DoorDash made the app specifically for me and only me.

"Why don't you just cook?"

I do. At least, I try to. On a typical day, I get back to my apartment around 7 p.m. I'm so tired at that point. So I just get a chalupa. Am I wrong for that? No. Everyone needs a chalupa sometimes.

Ask our newsletter content creator, Griffin Wiles! Taco Bell is a necessity for many like himself. He gets Taco Bell every day. The difference is, I just DoorDash mine.

Further, I don't DoorDash every day. Most of the time, I don't. My fatal flaw is having DashPass, which sure is questionable morally, but that $100 I paid on Feb. 18 is gone — might as well use the fruits of my labor.

Also, DoorDash has a student discount, where students pay $4.99 per month for DashPass and, therefore, pay for relatively discounted meals. 

I pay for Spotify too, might as well pay an extra $5 a month for a low-cost Taco Bell delivery.

I may or may not get this student discount once my annual subscription expires. I will keep you all in this gut-wrenching suspense until 2023. 

Yes, this sounds like an advertisement for Doordash. But, as I said, the founders of DoorDash made their app for me and only me.

Defending my DoorDash habits is a full-time job.

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Also, I don't only get Taco Bell, it's just an example most of you can relate to.

I mostly DoorDash from TeaChat, a bubble tea joint in Meridian Mall in Okemos. My order is a Coffee Milk Slush with Milk Foam and extra sugar and ice.

Wiles can attest to the deliciousness of this drink. Go get it.

In conclusion, there really is no conclusion.

This is truly a letter to my haters. I will continue using my DashPass until my annual subscription expires.

Call me the DoorDash queen. 


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