Friday, September 30, 2022

94 distinguished professors support Stanley

Since news broke on Sept. 11 that MSU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr.’s contract is under discussion with the Board of Trustees, faculty and students continue to speak out in support of Stanley.

Ninety-four highly ranked MSU professors released a letter Monday condemning the board’s actions and supporting the president. The letter said they expect the board to act in the best interest of MSU and individual board members disclosing board business to the press counters that expectation.

“Such actions put the broader good of our university at risk, and when they are anonymous, it is disheartening,” the letter said. “These actions also seem a violation of the Board of Trustees’ Code of Conduct. Dragging the President through a public discussion of negotiations about his contract or his future, by leaks to the media and public disagreements among the Board, causes community confusion and damages the reputation of our great institution. This is directly opposite of what the Trustees should be trying to achieve. To us, encouraging the departure of the President is not in the best interests of MSU.”

The letter stated the professors’ gratitude towards Stanley for improving campus culture to be a “safer and more productive space,” specifically noting his leadership throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The professors expressed support for Stanley to continue in his role as president.

“We strongly support the consistent actions President Stanley has taken since arriving at MSU to protect the health and safety of all members of the MSU community,” the letter said. “We look forward to President Stanley’s continued leadership of MSU. Thank you.”

Several MSU organizations, including ASMSU, the Black Faculty, Staff and Administration Association, the Coalition of Racial and Ethnic Minorities, and the Faculty Senate, have released statements demanding transparency from the board of trustees.

The Faculty Senate passed a resolution on Sept. 13 discouraging the Board from making any decision regarding Stanley’s contract before more information is given to the community. ASMSU’s statement demanded the board include students in any decision making related to the issue.

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