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ASMSU 2021 student landlord survey shows experiences with off-campus housing

December 6, 2021
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Last fall, the Associated Students of Michigan State University, or ASMSU, governmental affairs office conducted a survey to receive a better understanding of MSU students' off-campus living experience. The survey reached over 2,300 students and included 34 questions.

The questions ranged from landlord satisfaction and property conditions to distance from campus.

Generally, according to the report, students were satisfied with their landlords with 63.5% responding “Satisfied” or “Very satisfied” with 16.2% responding with “Dissatisfied” or “Very dissatisfied.”

In regards to preparation for off-campus housing, 58.9% said that they felt “Prepared” or “Very Prepared” and 20.5% said that they felt “Unprepared” and “Very unprepared.”

Students were then asked whether or not their landlord explained the terms of the lease. Of those students, 76.8% said “Yes,” 14.3% said “No” and 8.9% responded with “Don’t remember.”

They were also asked if they have renter’s insurance, or insurance designed to protect renters living in houses or apartments. According to the survey, 50.7% said that they “Know what it is and have it,” 31.7% “Know what it is but don’t have it” and 17.6% said that they “Do not know what it is.”

Students' individual rent per month for each property was a wide range from below $400 through above $1,000. Almost 500 students responded with their rent to be $600-$700 with a close tie of $500-$600 and $700-$800. The lowest number of students’ individual rent is below $400.

Landlord Specific Data

American Campus manages The Lodges of East Lansing. Roughly 43 students thought that their landlord accommodated the tenants “Well” over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic followed by a little under 25 students who were “Unsure.”

Campus Advantage manages two apartments: Block 36 and Hannah Lofts. Overall slightly over 40 students reported “Satisfied” with their landlord and around 27 students reported “Neutral.”

The Landings, The Village and The Club are all managed by Chandler Crossings. Over 90 residents responded with their rent to be “$400-$500” while just under 60 residents responded with “$500-$600.”

Community Resource Management Company primarily manages houses. Regarding how quickly landlords respond to management issues or other concerns, about 50 students said “Within 1 week” and just over 30 students said “Within 1 day.”

Cron Management manages a total of nine apartments including Treehouse North/South/West, The Avenue, Maplewood, Stonehouse Village I & II, Campus Gate, The Residences, St. Anne Lofts, 565 Building and The Element. Approximately 22 students voted for “Likely” on how likely they would recommend living in their apartment complex to a friend or colleague followed closely by roughly 19 students who voted for “Very Likely.”

DTN Management manages various neighborhoods with several apartment complexes under each neighborhood. Some apartments include Cedar Village Apartments, Capitol Villa Apartments, Abbott Pointe Apartments and Haslett Arms Apartments. About 250 residents reported “Dissatisfied” regarding how satisfied they are with their current landlord while just over 125 students reported “Neutral.”

Campus Village, SkyVue and The Rocks Apartments are managed by Greystar. Over 40 students reported that their individual rent is “$700-$800” and just under 35 students reported their rent being “$600-$700.”

Hagan Realty manages mainly houses with around 55 residents responding “Within 1 day” for how quickly their landlord responded to maintenance issues or other concerns. Just over 20 residents responded with “Within 1 week.”

HUB East Lansing manages HUB On Campus East Lansing with studios, two-bedroom or three-bedroom options. Approximately 14 students responded that they are “Very Likely” to recommend living there to a friend or colleague. “Very Likely” was shortly followed with around 12 students that responded with “Likely.”

Hudgins Realty manages two apartment complexes: 129 Gunson St. Apartments and 225 Division St. Apartments. Ten students voted that their landlord has accommodated tenants over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic “Very Well” closely followed by “Well” with just under 10 students.

Landmark on Grand River manages Landmark on Grand River and is located directly above the East Lansing Target in the downtown area. Overall roughly 17 tenants were “Satisfied” with their current landlord with around 13 tenants being “Very Satisfied.”

MSU Apartments manages 1855 Place, University Village Apartments and other spaces around campus. Twenty students reported that their individual rent per month for their property was “$700-$800” and approximately 11 students reported it was “$800-$900.”

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MTH Management manages various apartment complexes in East Lansing and Lansing. Around eight tenants responded that it took “Longer” than one month for the landlord to respond to maintenance issues or other concerns. Roughly seven tenants responded that it took maintenance “Within 1 week.”

Peak Management manages four apartment complexes: Highland Apartments, Homestead Apartment, Walden Woods Apartments and Ashton Lake Apartments. Just over 10 students responded that they would “Likely” recommend a friend or colleague to live there followed by approximately eight students who would “Very Likely” recommend a friend or colleague.

Prime Housing Groups manages several apartments including Beal St. House, Cedarbrook, Lowebrook, Riverside, Norwood, Cedarview West & East, Magnolia House and others. Students responded to how well they thought that their landlord has accommodated them over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly 23 students reported “Unsure” and almost 13 students reported “Well.”

The Quarters, Gaslight Village and The Cottages are all managed by The Quarters East Lansing. Overall, 10 tenants voted that they were “Satisfied” with their current landlord and just over five tenants voted for “Very Satisfied.”

Red Cedar Flats has one-, two-, three- or four-bedroom options. Roughly 17 students reported that their individual rent per month is “$600-$700” and around seven students reported “$500-$600.”

Seventeen co-op houses are managed by Spartan Housing Cooperative. Students' votes tied for “Within 2 weeks” and “Within 1 week” on how quickly the landlord responded to maintenance issues or other concerns with roughly 12 students each. 

SRP Management primarily manages houses and just under 15 students said that they would “Very Likely” recommend living there to a friend or colleague followed by around seven students would “Likely” recommend to friends or colleagues.

ASMSU recommends students to utilize free Student Legal Services to better understand their lease agreements by calling 517-353-3715 Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1 p.m.-5 p.m. to set up an appointment.

ASMSU encourages students to reach out to Vice President for Governmental Affairs, Matt Apostle, through with any questions or feedback for future surveys.


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