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Live On capacity reached, upperclassmen unable to live on campus next year

November 10, 2021
<p>Two people checked into their dorms at Shaw Hall on move-in day on Aug. 27, 2021.</p>

Two people checked into their dorms at Shaw Hall on move-in day on Aug. 27, 2021.

Photo by Lauren Snyder | The State News

MSU Live On announced that due to the large demand for housing, upperclassmen are unable to live on campus next year as of now. The reinstatement of the two-year live-on requirement is contributing to the high demand.

“All available space was offered to eligible students this fall and it has been signed up for,” MSU Live On posted in the Housing & Dining at Michigan State - Parents and Guardians Facebook group. “At this time, we do not have any additional spaces to open for current second-year (and older) students.”

On-campus housing for upperclassmen, such as Owen Hall and apartments, have also been filled. Bethany Balks, Associate Communications Director of Residence Education and Housing Services, or REHS, said there might be a limited amount of spots left in Van Hoosen Hall.

Residence hall dorms are currently unavailable for students second-year and older to sign up. By taking into account the estimated number of students that will be required to live on campus next year and the housing exceptions they might apply for, REHS does not feel comfortable offering space to upperclassmen until they can house the required students.

“We really tried to offer as much space as we felt comfortable that we could to upperclass students,” Balks said. “That said, we can't guarantee anything. We don't want to guarantee anything at this point.”

The admissions office will have a more accurate estimate of incoming class size by May, and if there are open spaces then, they will be offered to interested students.

“We want to be as transparent as possible that we don't know if that's going to happen for sure and how many spaces would be available,” Balks said.

MSU Live On recognized the frustration students may have over the capacity limit.

“We understand that there is disappointment and frustration with our capacity for our second-year (and older) students,” MSU Live On said in a Facebook post. “We also recognize that our current second-year students experienced additional disappointment in not being able to be on campus during their first year.”

Balks said current students shouldn't worry about signing up for off-campus housing immediately.

“We're trying to give enough notice for students so they can start thinking about if they do want to live off-campus, where that could be,” Balks said. “It's a time of transition as we reinstate the two-year live-on requirement. We recognize this is going to cause some frustration ... but we appreciate everybody's understanding.”

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