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MSU students react to the new Addison Rae movie 'He’s All That'

September 29, 2021
Addison Rae stars in Netflix film, "He's All That."
Addison Rae stars in Netflix film, "He's All That." —
Photo by Emily Maze | The State News

As a fan of the 1999 classic, “She’s All That," theatre junior Josh Sowers knew he wanted to watch the 2021 Netflix update, despite not having high hopes for it.  

“I saw an ad for it, I think it was probably on TikTok or somewhere like that and I was like 'That’s gonna look dumb but I'll probably end up watching it,'” Sowers said.

“He’s All That” is a gender-swapped update to “She’s All That," which is also an adaptation of the 1964 film “My Fair Lady” and 1913 play “Pygmalion." “He’s All That” brings back some of the 90s cast with Rachael Leigh Cook and Matthew Lillard, a Lansing native, having small roles. 

This movie, starring TikTokker Addison Rae, focuses on an influencer who losses many of her followers after her explosive breakup is live-streamed. In order to redeem herself, she makes a bet with her best friend to turn the schools' biggest loser into prom king. 

With its lead actress herself being a TikTok star, this movie quickly spread on the app, which is how many people found out about it.

“We saw so much stuff about it on TikTok and we just thought it was so funny and we were like 'Okay let's watch it,'” criminal justice sophomore Fatema Ali said.

While some people chose to watch it because of the original movie or to see Addison Rae in her first movie, others decided to watch it for the lead male actor. Tanner Buchanan, the lead actor in “He’s All That," is most famous for his role as Robby Keene in “Cobra Kai," which is what brought some people, like exploratory freshman Sydney Runyon, to watch this movie. 

“I really like watching Cobra Kai and one of the stars from there was a lead guy in that show,” Runyon said. “So that’s the only thing that really drove me to watch it.”

Despite its popularity on TikTok and the number of stars in the film, there are still people who have yet to see it. Marketing sophomore Diego Fernandez said that while he wouldn’t mind giving it a chance, he just hasn’t had the time to. On the other hand, there are people, like supply chain management junior Ruby Norris, who just have no desire to see it at all. 

“I'm not the biggest Addison Rae fan and I feel like it was kind of a cheesy, kind of cliche movie,” Norris said.

Whether they watched it or not, most expected "He's All That" to be a cliche movie and didn't expect much going into it.

While both Ali and Sowers agree that it was not a good movie at all, Runyon thought it was better than what she was expecting, although not by much. However, despite differing opinions on the movie, students all recommend it if you’re looking for something easy to watch.

“If you want to have a good night of laughter, I’d definitely recommend you watch it,” Sowers said.

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