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MSU Dairy Store reopens to the public for the weekend

August 16, 2021
<p>The MSU Dairy Store finally reopens after the COVID-19 pandemic on August 15, 2021.</p>

The MSU Dairy Store finally reopens after the COVID-19 pandemic on August 15, 2021.

Photo by Thomas Ruth | The State News

After the unexpected news of the MSU Dairy Store pausing its operations last September, the MSU Dairy Store announced in May that they were under the works to reopen again in fall 2021. This past weekend, the MSU Dairy Store welcomed back the public.

Although the MSU Dairy Store is on MSU’s campus, a wide range of people from all across the state came to enjoy the treats that they have to offer.

Andrew Gomez, a Kettering University alumni, drove from Romeo, Michigan to meet up with friends for a day out. 

“I got the blueberry pie, it was pretty good,” Gomez said. “It’s creamy, and it has a lot of flavor.”


For some customers, this weekend was their first time visiting the MSU Dairy Store. 

Dominic Kanan, with his wife and children, came from DeWitt, Michigan to try out the MSU Dairy Store for their family’s first time. Kanan’s children enjoyed chocolate while Kanan and his wife dug into the chocolate malt ice cream.

“We had wanted to come here last year, but everything got shut down and the kids were too little before that,” Kanan said. “So we’re excited that everything's back open now.”

The manager of the MSU Dairy Store, Connor McDougall, describes what it was like on the first day of reopening.

“It feels good to be back in business,” McDougall said. “Almost everyone that comes in here is like, ‘Oh thank goodness you guys are open. We just saw people eating ice cream and we had to stop by.’ So, it’s really cool and everyone that’s coming in is in a great mood so it’s an awesome time.”

Currently, the staff is filled with people working there part-time and full-time, including some that are staff at MSU. Occasionally, the MSU Dairy Store will have volunteers in the community that want to help out with their free time on the weekends.

In order to qualify for volunteering, the volunteers will receive training along with a training handbook. Afterward, the volunteer writes their signature to show that they reviewed the training materials, and McDougall writes his signature as well so the volunteer can begin their day.

The MSU Dairy Store is unsure if they’ll be open next weekend depending on if the staff can find enough volunteers to help them out. They plan to be back in business again move-in weekend and every weekend from there on out. Once they find a full staff, they’ll be looking to push for the store to be open for a typical week, Monday through Saturday, throughout the school year.

Keep up with MSU Dairy Store’s updates through their Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.

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