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Georgia Frost elected as next student body president

April 15, 2021
<p>Georgia Frost poses in front of Beaumont Tower. Photo courtesy of Frost. </p>

Georgia Frost poses in front of Beaumont Tower. Photo courtesy of Frost.

The Associated Students of Michigan State University hosted a Facebook Live meeting over Zoom on Tuesday evening, April 13, that went late into the early hours of the morning. Just past the five-hour mark of Tuesday's ASMSU Meeting, current President Abii-Tah Chungong Bih announced newly elected Georgia Frost will serve as the student body president for the 2021-2022 school year.

Frost won with 25 votes.

Becoming the next ASMSU president has been something that she has been thinking about for the last couple years now, Frost said. Frost gave a short speech to the 58th ASMSU General Assembly.

“In this experience, I want everyone to know that I am here for you,” Frost said. “I see you for what you are and what you contribute, and I’m really honored to work with you and make ASMSU the best it can be for student welfare on campus.” 

Frost is a third-year student at MSU and studies international relations and political theory and constitutional democracy. She was the 2018-2019 freshman class council president and 2019-2020 sophomore class council president for MSU, as well as the assistant vice president of internal administration since August of 2019.

Other involvements that Frost was a part of are the University Student Commission with the East Lansing City Council. Frost also served on three academic governance committees, the University Committee on Undergraduate Education, the University Committee on Curriculum as a representative, and the Women’s Advisory Committee to Student Affairs and Services as a co-chair. 

Frost’s goals as the new president-elect for the upcoming academic year revolve around diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, protecting student’s safety on campus, and both environmental and communal sustainability. 

A key part to Frost’s future plans is to continue working with the Director of Sustainability Amy Butler and the Executive Director of Student Health and Wellness David Weismantel in order to both support ASMSU with future work, Frost said. 

Frost said she would also like to see an improvement in the relationships between ASMSU and the Council of Racial and Ethnic Students and Council of Progressive Students. 

To read more about Frost’s initiatives, see her campaign website.

For the 2019-2020 academic year, ASMSU was awarded the Outstanding Student Government of the Year for the effective advocacy efforts that have been demonstrated.

The most rewarding aspect about working with ASMSU is that they are in a position of strength with their relationship with MSU and the university administration, Frost said. The student government finds the right moment to put pressure on the administration to pass meaningful work and legislation for the betterment of students, and that is something Frost said she appreciates. 

Frost said she knows how important ASMSU is to all the representatives, and she pledges as the newly elected president that no individual will doubt the value of their personal existence and student advocacy. 

“I really want to make sure that I can be the president that you need from me, and that is something that I want to get started on right away,” Frost said. “I will not let you down.” 

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