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City Stars: Editor-in-Chief shares her journey of leading VIM Magazine amid COVID-19

April 5, 2021
<p>VIM Magazine Editor-in-Chief Eve Voci. Photo by VIM photographer Karina Noelle Stankowski, courtesy of Voci.</p>

VIM Magazine Editor-in-Chief Eve Voci. Photo by VIM photographer Karina Noelle Stankowski, courtesy of Voci.

After holding various positions at VIM Magazine, MSU’s lifestyle and fashion publication, marketing senior Eve Voci is currently one of the two Editors-in-Chief. Her journey at VIM has come a long way since starting as a general member. 

Voci was a sophomore when she stepped into her first staff member position. As a member of the creative team, she worked with a small group of students responsible for organizing the cover shoot, an editorial spread, and more.

“We got to pick outfits, and help style models,” she said. “Of course things were a lot different because there wasn’t COVID. I could actually go to shoots and be really really involved with the team.”

During her junior year, Voci became an assistant to the EICs and faced a lot more responsibilities before finally getting the opportunity to take the lead as an EIC.

“We pretty much just stay on top of what teams are doing as editors, and just make sure that the magazine makes it from point A to point B," she said.


Being an EIC also requires staying alert and ready to help when needed. 

“We are always getting texts from directors or team members asking any question, because things are so difficult with COVID," she said. "Which isn’t a bad thing, it almost feels kind of like an on-call job.”

However, after a busy semester of being on call, Voci and her teammates' hard work pays off. 

“It’s always kind of a race to the finish line toward the end of the semester, to make sure it (the magazine) gets to the printer on time,” she said. “It’s always really worth it in the end to get that physical copy.”

While holding the highest position at VIM, Voci also faces struggles of being a full-time student and balancing classes and a social life. 

“A lot of the time I can’t make it to a lot of stuff with my friends,” she said. “Especially with COVID, being available for a VIM shoot is really important.

For Voci, missing out on a few weekends with friends is worth it for the magazine and her career. 

“As of right now my main focuses in life are making sure that I am doing well with VIM, and making sure that I am not letting any of our VIM members down with their publication for this spring," Voci said. "Then also making sure that I’m on track with myself to stay successful in my life after college.”

Voci looks up to successful women in fashion such as Mindy Scheier and Carla Carstens. Carstens is the founder of Free Fashion Internships, a website that helps students interested in fashion find internships. 

“She kind of reminds me of myself in a way,” Voci said. “She’s very straightforward, straight to the point. She doesn’t want to beat around the bush on anything.”


Mindy Scheier, Voci’s other main role model, started Runway of Dreams, a nonprofit that works toward a future of inclusion through adaptive fashion in the fashion industry. 

“That got me really into inclusive fashion,” Voci said. “I’m really interested in learning about the technology behind fashion that is inclusive for everybody. Nike just released a step-in shoe, that’s a really cool thing that I’m looking forward to seeing more of that coming out from other major brands.”

This year, Voci has taken historical strides for VIM by implementing a board of diversity and inclusion, comprised of external members. 

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"All of the members of our board aren’t from VIM, because we really wanted to have that outside perspective of what can we do better, are we doing enough,” she said. 

Along with promoting diversity and inclusion, Voci hopes to take VIM from a colorful and graphic-design heavy publication, to a cleaner-looking, editorial-style magazine. 

“It is really fun that as the editor you get to talk to your other co-editor and decide where you get to take the magazine for the year,” she said. “We both really liked a more classic editorial design, something a bit more elevated then VIM has been in the past, but that’s just our personal style.”

After she graduates in the spring, Voci and a friend she made through VIM will be moving to Boston to work as an allocation analyst for TJX Companies, a company where many former VIM members now work. 


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