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Letter FROM the editor: A 'glimmer of hope' after a turbulent year

2021 looks promising for The State News after innovation and challenges in 2020

January 26, 2021
<p>State News 2020-21 Editor-in-Chief Evan Jones.</p>

State News 2020-21 Editor-in-Chief Evan Jones.

State News alumni, 

The new year offers a slight but meaningful glimmer of hope amid the turbulent chaos we’ve experienced for the past 12 months. 

Last year had its moments, but at least it was exciting.

I think it’s hit me that I’ll be graduating in four months but the fact that this is also my last semester at The State News has not sunk in yet.  

I’m not quite sure where my road leads from here, but I can certainly say I’ve enjoyed the journey. No matter what, I’ll be proud that I was blessed with the opportunity to uphold the powerful State News legacy with a rich history behind it. 

I can’t thank you enough for providing me that opportunity through your contributions to the legacy before me. 

While the newsroom meets and reports remotely, many aspects of our work is just how you might remember it. We still have reporters who cover MSU’s administration, city council, student government and basketball for example. 

Other elements are unique to this era. This year, we introduced a Culture Desk and an Audience Engagement team. As of this spring, we have a paid position dedicated to coordinating diversity and inclusion. 

We’re always thinking of ways to further extend our reach into the campus community and connect with the student body.

While 2020 was a mess, our newsroom was able to accomplish extraordinary coverage, even under the circumstances.

We’ve detailed COVID-19 from every angle we can find, followed politics on the ground and at the ballot box and witnessed both challenges and triumphs of Spartan athletics – all while keeping tabs on everything students need to know about Michigan State and East Lansing. 

Many of these stories will continue to develop in 2021 and for long after I complete my State News career. 

I’m still waiting for a slow news day. 

Let 2021 be your best year yet, 

Evan Jones,


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