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LIVE: Ingham County 2020 election results as we get them

November 3, 2020
<p>Follow along with the State News for live updates during the 2020 election.</p>

Follow along with the State News for live updates during the 2020 election.

The Nov. 3 election is unique in many ways. More than 100 million voters across the country voted early, including more than 3 million in Michigan — millions more waited in socially distanced lines to cast ballots in person.

The United States is heading into the “most concerning and most deadly phase” of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force.

Positive cases for COVID-19 are reaching all-time highs with nearly 100,000 cases reported on Oct. 31 alone. Michigan reported 22,979 cases in the past week.

The uniqueness of this election necessitates patience. While some states were able to process and count ballots ahead of time, most of Michigan only began counting votes on Election Day.

Many voters, including MSU students, were worried about voter intimidation and violence during the day, amplified by Michigan court rulings that sustained open carry of firearms at polling places after Benson issued a directive to ban it.

Aside from misinformation including suspicious robocalls and rumors that law enforcement would arrest voters for outstanding warrants, Election Day went just Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson expected — safe.

Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office received reports Tuesday morning about robocalls urging Flint and Dearborn residents to vote tomorrow, even though that is not allowed.

Another important notice from Nessel for those receiving misinformation is that law enforcement cannot arrest anyone with outstanding warrants at their polling locations.

Highlights from updates provided by the Michigan Department of State

Statewide as of Tuesday morning, 3.5 million absentee ballots have been requested. 3.1 million ballots have been returned, according to SOS Director of Communications Jake Rollow. The 89% return rate is less than the 96% return rate back in 2016.

“That’s to be expected, frankly,” Rollow said of the return rate. “We have almost three times as many ballots.” 

The number of ballots returned later increased to 3.2 million as reported by Director of Media Relations Tracy Wimmer during the evening brief.

Wimmer also updated that at 2:30 p.m., there have been 12,530 same-day voter registrations. The statewide same-day registrations later increased to 18,822 as of 4:30 p.m.

The top five places in the jurisdiction breakdown are Detroit leading with almost over 1,000 registration, followed by Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Lansing and Kalamazoo. While the distribution in major cities seems to be pretty even, Rollow said places with more same-day registrations seem to be around college campuses, to some extent. 

Before the election, MDOS recruited 30,000 election workers, placing thousands across the state in preparation for Election Day, according to Rollow. He said MDOS has about 2,000 on-call workers ready to be sent out as needed. 

As of Tuesday afternoon, about 77,000 ballots have been spoiled, Wimmer said.

Reasons for spoiled ballots include printing issues, voter errors filling out ballots and making the decision to vote in person instead or changes in voting decisions. Though there is no data to track the number of ballots spoiled for specific reasons, Rollow said. Many thousand were spoiled due to a printing error before they were sent out in multiple jurisdictions.  

“The voters don’t necessarily have to provide a rationale for spoiling their ballot,” Rollow said. 

Rollow said the Secretary of State, or SOS, Office expects to have some results long before Friday, but they don’t know if they will have all jurisdiction results by Friday. He said again he does hope the results come much quicker. 

Things are going smoothly in Detroit and Oakland County, the two largest counting boards in the states, according to Rollow.

How to interpret the results without spreading misinformation

The results below are unofficial, just like in previous elections, because the vote counts are audited by a county canvass throughout the next two weeks.

The official results are determined after the Board of State Canvassers certifies the election about 3 weeks after Election Day.

This is why when races are called on election night they announce a “projected winner.”

Ingham County is publishing unofficial results, including a separate count of absentee ballots and Election Day-casted ballots, while the State of Michigan is reporting the total combined.

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Some Michigan cities were able to process early votes casted absentee or by mail starting yesterday, but counties are only able to start counting those ballots on Election Day. Other states had a head start on counting the more than 100,000 votes in the U.S. election casted early.

Michigan’s results on election night could change as more votes are counted. It takes more time to process absentee ballots, and there are more than 3 million of them.

The results below are published by the Ingham County Clerk's Office.

Ingham County results for statewide elections

Last updated at 9:13 a.m.

115/115 precincts reporting (100.00%)

145,586 ballots cast of 214,400 registered voters (67.90%)

President/Vice President

Joe Biden / Kamala Harris (Democratic)

Total votes: 94,221

Absentee votes: 69,754

Election Day votes: 24,467

Donald Trump / Mike Pence (Republican)

Total votes: 47,640

Absentee votes: 20,849

Election Day votes: 26,791

Jo Jorgensen / Jeremy Cohen (Libertarian)

Total votes: 1,872

Absentee votes: 906

Election Day votes: 966

Don Blankenship / William Mohr (U.S. Taxpayers)

Total votes: 221

Absentee votes: 148

Election Day votes: 73

Howie Hawkins / Angela Walker (Green)

Total votes: 456

Absentee votes: 283

Election Day votes: 173

Rocky De La Fuente / Darcy Richardson (Natural Law)

Total votes: 104

Absentee votes: 58

Election Day votes: 46

U.S. Senate

Gary Peters (Democratic)

Total votes: 92,384

Absentee votes: 68,053

Election Day votes: 24,331

John James (Republican)

Total votes: 48,375

Absentee votes: 21,888

Election Day votes: 26,487

Valerie L. Willis (U.S. Taxpayers)

Total votes: 1,259

Absentee votes: 716

Election Day votes: 543

Marcia Squier (Green)

Total votes: 1,220

Absentee votes: 735

Election Day votes: 485

Doug Dern (Natural Law)

Total votes: 324

Absentee votes: 164

Election Day votes: 160

U.S. House District 8

Elissa Slotkin (Democratic)

Total votes: 96,400

Absentee votes: 70,512

Election Day votes: 25,888

Paul Junge (Republican)

Total votes: 44,020

Absentee votes: 19,726

Election Day votes: 24,294

Joe Hartman (Libertarian)

Total votes: 2,732

Absentee votes: 1,142

Election Day votes: 1,590

Michigan State University Board of Trustees

Brian Mosallam (Democratic)

Total votes: 79,612

Absentee votes: 59,521

Election Day votes: 20,091

Rema Ella Vassar (Democratic)

Total votes: 81,704

Absentee votes: 61,052

Election Day votes: 20,652

Pat O'Keefe (Republican)

Total votes: 46,734

Absentee votes: 21,981

Election Day votes: 24,753

Tonya Schuitmaker (Republican)

Total votes: 43,702

Absentee votes: 20,698

Election Day votes: 23,004

Will Tyler White (Libertarian)

Total votes: 3,571

Absentee votes: 1,727

Election Day votes: 1,844

Janet M. Sanger (U.S. Taxpayers)

Total votes: 2,319

Absentee votes: 1,274

Election Day votes: 1,045

John Paul Sanger (U.S. Taxpayers)

Total votes: 1,506

Absentee votes: 761

Election Day votes: 745

Brandon Hu (Green)

Total votes: 2,719

Absentee votes: 1,739

Election Day votes: 980

Robin Lea Laurain (Green)

Total votes: 2,982

Absentee votes: 1,983

Election Day votes: 999

Bridgette Abraham-Guzman (Natural Law)

Total votes: 1,586

Absentee votes: 888

Election Day votes: 698

State House District 69

Julie Brixie (Democratic)

Total votes: 30,079

Absentee votes: 24,023

Election Day votes: 6,056

Grace S. Norris (Republican)

Total votes: 12,648

Absentee votes: 6,706

Election Day votes: 5,942

Gene Gutierrez (Green)

Total votes: 680

Absentee votes: 382

Election Day votes: 298


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