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New ASMSU General Assembly members approve staff directors

April 10, 2020

After a week of online voting, members of the Associated Students of Michigan State University, or ASMSU, 57th General Assembly Session were announced Tuesday.

Candidates in this election had to run their campaign virtually, with concerns from ASMSU members that being away from campus would result in lower turnout.

Even if someone is running unopposed, the candidate still needs a minimum number of votes to get a seat, many colleges require 25, and others measure by the percent of student turnout.

There are currently 19 open seats in the General Assembly, and a pilot fall election will be held in order to fill them.

Here are the elected college representatives:

College of Agricultural and Natural Resources (3 seats)

Emma Grant (198).

Blake Lajiness (114).

Max Toll (114).

College of Arts and Letters (2 seats)

Matt Apostle (161).

College of Business (4 seats)

Maria Kakos (230).

Tim Morris (190).

College of Communication Arts and Sciences (3 seats)

Jack Harrison (211).

College of Education (2 seats)

Aaron Iturralde (76).

College of Engineering (3 seats)

Riley Lawson (267).

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Christian Stack (250).

James Madison College (2 seats)

Jordan Kovach (245).

Gavyn Webb (188).

College of Natural Science (3 seats)

Aubrey Hanes (211).

Cynthia Sridhar (201).

Olivia Triltsch (180).

College of Social Science (3 seats)

Sarah Chynoweth (409).

College of Veterinary Medicine (2 seats)

Travis Boling (14).

No preference (2 seats)

Alan Saleh (27).

There are currently no elected representatives for the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities, College of Nursing, Lyman Briggs College, and the College of Music. Each of these colleges offers two seats.

The 57th session held their first meeting April 8 via zoom. They will be meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday to elect the Office of the President.

At the first meeting, they approved the following staff directors for the next school year:

Chief of Staff, Andrea Bair.

Chief Diversity Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Shiksha Sneha.

Red Cedar Log Editor-in-Chief, Avery Graf.

Director of Information Technology, Lindsey Boivin.

Director of Human Resources, Melissa Ortiz.

Director of Student Rights Advocates and Legal Services, Andrew Spicer.

Controller, Gabriella Winters.

Director of Sustainability Initiatives, Emily Miller.

Director of Health, Safety, and Wellness Initiatives, Mary Stout.


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