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'Tiger King' and TikTok: How students spend their time during quarantine

April 23, 2020
Photo by Hope Ann Flores | The State News

It's been a little more than a month since Michigan State's campus was operational, and students have been passing the time at home in all sorts of different ways. I don't think I'm alone in saying that I feel like I've been living the same day over and over again. I wake up around noon, grab something to eat, then I blink and all of a sudden it's 8 p.m. 

Where did that day go? I have no idea.

In an informal survey, MSU students detailed what their lives are like and where their heads are at during this unprecedented time. While this survey is likely not representative of the entire student body, 351 MSU students weighed in. Here are the results.

Favorite Netflix show to binge watch:

1) "Tiger King" (10.2%)

2) "The Office" (9.4%)

3) "New Girl" (8.2%)

4) "Grey's Anatomy" (7.1%)

5) "Ozark" (6.2%)

Not surprised about the leader for this one. "Tiger King" has captivated all of America, and I think it has to do with tigers and murder. I'm not sure though, I'm one of the few that hasn't watched it yet. My favorite on this list has to be "The Office," a timeless classic to this day.

What time do you go to sleep?

1) Between 1 a.m. - 3 a.m. (40.1%)

2) Between 11 p.m. - 1 a.m. (34.7%)

3) After 3 a.m. (19.1%)

4) Between 9 p.m. - 11 p.m. (5.9%)

Now that students really don't have to be anywhere at a specific time (except for maybe a Zoom call), everyone's sleep schedule has taken a hit. Sleeping from 4 a.m. to noon still equals eight hours though, right?

Hours spent per day on schoolwork:

1) 1-2 hours (29.9%)

2) 3+ hours (28.2%)

3) 2-3 hours (26.2%)

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4) 0-1 hour (15.6%)

Once it was announced that the minimum GPA needed to pass a class was a 1.0, I thought that would be the selling point for a lot of students to mail it in for the semester. It seems like a lot of them are going for more than just satisfactory, though.

Number of days per week you exercise:

1) 1-2 (31.6%)

2) 3-4 (29.9%)

3) 5-7 (23.1%)

4) 0 (15.3%)

About 85% of students are trying to do at least some sort of physical activity and the other 15% are telling the truth. I guess we'll find out when it's legal to see other people again.

Which app have you spent the most time on?

1) TikTok (41.3%)

2) Snapchat (18.8%)

3) Twitter (18.2%)

4) Instagram (14.5%)

5) Facebook (7.1%)

I knew TikTok was going to overwhelmingly win this one, and it's for that same reason I had to delete it off of my phone. Once you open the app, it will quickly take up 2-3 hours of your day.

Which sport will be the first to come back?

1) MLB (39.3%)

2) NFL (38.1%)

3) NBA (11.3%)

4) NHL (11.1%)

The MLB was right on the cusp of starting its season just as the coronavirus was settling in. There's a lot of uncertainty regarding every sport, but as of right now it seems that the MLB is being the most proactive in terms of starting back up.

Favorite musical artist to listen to during quarantine:

1) The Weeknd (4.5%)

2) Harry Styles (4.2%)

3) Frank Ocean (3.1%)

4) Dua Lipa (2.8%)

This one had the largest variety of answers, but The Weeknd took the top spot with 16 votes. The Toronto native dropped his fourth studio album, "After Hours," on March 20 and it was well received by many, climbing to the number one spot in more than 16 countries.

Maximum number of days you've gone without showering:

1) Two (31.3%)

2) Three (19.6%)

3) One (15.9%)

4) Four (12.8%)

5) Zero (11.6%)

Hygiene has also taken a hit in all of this, it appears. Hopefully everyone is well stocked with toilet paper.

Have you given yourself a haircut you regret?

1) No (94.5%)

2) Yes (5.5%)

A lot of my friends bit the bullet and shaved off all of their hair, and I eventually caved in and participated. I can confidently say I regret that decision.

A throwback video game you've played while quarantined:

1) "Mario Kart" (9.9%)

2) "Minecraft" (4.8%)

3) "The Sims" (4.2%)

4) "Webkinz," "Animal Crossing" and "Grand Theft Auto" (3.7%)

Mario Kart will be fun no matter how old you get, and every game on this list is very nostalgic. I dug up the game "Madagascar," which was based off of the movie, for the PlayStation 2. Very underrated game and I don't think I played anything else when I was 7 years old.

How far do you think the MSU basketball team would've gone in the tournament?

1) National Championship (win) (40.7%)

2) Final Four (31.9%)

3) Elite Eight (14.2%)

4) Sweet 16 (6.5%)

5) National Championship (loss) (4.8%)

6) First two rounds (1.7%)

This will be one of the ultimate "what-ifs" in Michigan State sports history, as the team was looking good heading into the Big Ten Tournament. A lot of students were very high on the team's chances, joining ESPN analyst Joe Lunardi, who had the Spartans winning his simulation of the NCAA Tournament.

Favorite snack food during this time:

1) Chips (14.5%)

2) Popcorn (11.1%)

3) Cheez-Its (6.8%)

4) Fruit (5.9%)

5) Goldfish (5.4%)

The chips that received the most votes were Cheetos and Pringles. When you've got nothing to do, eating is usually the time-filler that people seek out. I'm averaging a box of peanut butter-filled pretzels per week.

Students thank essential workers

Just under 30% of students who took part in the survey marked that they have a family member working in the medical field on the frontlines caring for COVID-19 patients. Here are some of the anonymous messages of thanks that students left for first responders.

"My dad is a truck driver and has had to deliver to Detroit and Chicago and all the way to Arizona. I understand what your families are feeling and going through. We are so proud of you and the sacrifices you are making to help others like not being able to live with your families...thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"During these strange times, it seems terrifying to leave our houses. Thank you to those going out and risking their safety for the well-being of others. You guys are so brave and have inspired future generations to be just like you guys, saving the world one life at a time! Thank you for your service, you are loved!"

"First responders could never have anticipated something like this happening when they took their positions, but they have handled it with incredible poise, courage, and personal sacrifice. Thank you to everyone who is putting themselves in danger to help those in desperate need."

"To the brave souls risking their health and safety for the sake of others, the Spartan community thanks you. Without selfless humans such as you, this world would be nothing. We stand by you in all things. Do not stop being the superheroes we need, but do not deserve."

"Thank you. Thank you for being out there. Thank you for risking your health. As someone with a compromised immune system, I am concerned for what’s to come. But I know if something was to happen I would have people there ready to save me no matter the risk. So thank you."


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