Saturday, October 24, 2020

State News Sports Roundtable: Sports gambling

This week on the State News Sports Roundtable, Eli McKown sits down with sports general assignment reporter Sean Reider, men’s basketball beat reporter Paolo Giannandrea, and women’s basketball beat reporter Devin Anderson-Torrez to talk about the rise of sports gambling.

The roundtable also makes bets on where Tom Brady will go, who will win the NBA Finals, who will make the College Football Playoff next season and make their surefire picks of the day. 

State News Sports Roundtable team:

Podcast Coordinator: Katie O'Brien Kelley.

Host and producer: Eli McKown.

Guests: Devin Anderson-Torrez, Paolo Giannandrea and Sean Reider.

Recorded and edited by: Katie O'Brien Kelley.


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