Sunday, August 9, 2020

The 1909: Taking a look at stories from our 'Fostering Change' print edition

Editor's note: This episode contains sensitive description of sexual assault. Listener discretion is advised.

On this week's episode of The 1909, Copy Editor and co-host of The Dinner Table Podcast Griffin Wiles speaks to several reporters who wrote content for our "Fostering Change" print edition, published two years after Larry Nassar's sentencing hearing in which hundreds of women and girls gave their victim impact statements.

Student Government Reporter Wendy Guzman talks about activist groups like Reclaim MSU and their continuing fight for transparency at the university, Copy Chief Alan Hettinger talks about what inspired him to write a column about how men's experiences of sexual assault are too often forgotten and Campus Reporter C.J. Moore talks about how she reconciles her time as a student journalist at MSU.

The 1909 Team:

Podcast coordinator and executive producer: Katie O'Brien Kelley.

Host: Griffin Wiles.

Guests: Wendy Guzman, Alan Hettinger and C.J. Moore.

Recorded and edited by: Katie O'Brien Kelley.


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