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Column: Why East Neighborhood is actually not that bad

October 9, 2019
<p>Families of new and returning students pull up to North Hubbard Hall during Fall move in day on Aug. 25, 2019.</p>

Families of new and returning students pull up to North Hubbard Hall during Fall move in day on Aug. 25, 2019.

Photo by Connor Desilets | The State News

The face I have gotten on a daily basis from fellow MSU students when I tell them I live on the eleventh floor of Hubbard Hall have ranged from disgust, sympathy and an ironic smile.

East Neighborhood — in particular — gets an amazingly bad rep. Believe me, when my roommate and I were choosing our room back in May and we had to choose between Akers and Hubbard, I was disappointed. A large portion of my family had gone to Michigan State, so I had also heard the common talking points like: “The water is black!” or “It is so ugly!”  

But I will tell you that living in the East Neighborhood is not as bad as people make it out to be. The water is not black — still, get a water filter if you're living on anywhere on campus — and the woods and trails around East are quite pretty.

Now, is it the best Neighborhood? Absolutely not. However, there are some great benefits to living in East Neighborhood.  

To start, Hubbard Hall might have the best Sparty’s on campus. It has a wide variety of foods to choose from. The best part of this Sparty’s is the grill area that you can use your combo on to get anything from chicken tenders, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and much more. Along with those entrees, you can get a side of fries and a drink.

Also, the rooms in Hubbard are not much different from other rooms on campus. The new ledge addition by the window made a great space for my TV and Xbox. 

However, Hubbard is outdated in many areas. The bathrooms are suite style and feel gross upon arrival.

Even though I stand at the below average height of 5 feet, 9 inches, I have to duck underneath the shower head in the showers. Also, there is no way I would enter the shower without shower shoes on, as the shower floor just looks sketchy.

Lastly, I have never been someone to care about interior design, but whoever thought lime green and bright pink on the walls all around the building would be a good idea should not have a job. After staying in Hubbard for a month, I still cannot tell you what type of setting they were trying to convey. 

Akers also provides a unique housing experience to students. The quad-style could end up being wonderful or a nightmare, depending on the roommates you get. If you're planning on rooming with people you know, it would be great. However, I would not recommend going in with three random people in Akers.

The odds that all three roommates will be great is slim to none. The Akers dining hall, though, is perhaps the most underrated dining hall on campus.

The Edge has a variety of options for every type of diet and, over a month in, I have yet to find something that was not tasty.  

Holmes Hall. Yeah, I'm sorry but there aren't many great things I can say about Holmes. However, if you're a Lyman Briggs student, you will have classes right in your dorm, so that makes it extremely convenient. 

One of the other common things said about East Neighborhood is how far away it is from everything. While it is far from literally everything, the busing system is now free. There are many different bus routes coming through behind Akers that can take you just about anywhere.  

I won’t lie to you: East Neighborhood is not the best Neighborhood on campus, but it actually has tons of advantages.

Sure, Brody might have the best dining hall. River Trail might have great views. Shaw might be close to everything. South might be close to all of the sporting events. North might make Harry Potter enthusiasts scream upon arrival. But East just has its own charm to it.

We have our own bond here. So, after living in “Hubb-nasty” for over a month, I can tell you that I'm actually enjoying my time there. So, if you're planning on staying on campus next year, give East a chance. You might just enjoy it. 


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