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Couch burned at Cedar Village following Michigan State win over Duke

March 31, 2019

Following Michigan State’s 68-67 win over Duke in the Elite Eight, Cedar Village celebrated with a couch fire and celebratory chants.

The streets in Cedar Village were packed with MSU fans, some of whom were throwing beer cans and carrying other people on their shoulders.

The crowd was made up of 600 to 800 people at its peak, according to East Lansing Police Deputy Chief Steve Gonzalez.

A significant police presence monitored the area near the game’s end, as people ran yelling from their apartments. A group of people marched to Grand River Avenue, where traffic was stopped for several minutes as fans poured into the street.

Police told the crowd to move away from Grand River, so people made their way back to the center of the Cedar Village complex.

Revelers began a fire in Cedar Village by burning coats, then pizza boxes and a couch. Members of the crowd rallied close to the fire, dancing around and jumping through it.

The fire burned for an estimated 20 minutes before police broke through the crowd and extinguished the fire. Police pushed the crowd back from the fire and told them to disperse.

As police moved the crowd away from the fire, individuals threw glass bottles in the direction of the police. Two individuals were arrested on charges of disorderly conduct; both were 20-year-old men, according to Gonzalez. East Lansing Police Department and Fire Departments responded to 11 other fires in the East Lansing area.

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