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Marijuana, redistricting, voter access ballot proposals pass

November 7, 2018
<p>Information on the 2018 statewide ballot proposals.&nbsp;</p>

Information on the 2018 statewide ballot proposals. 

Proposal 1, legalizing recreational marijuana use and possession in Michigan, was approved by Michigan voters. Tax revenue from marijuana sales will go towards improving Michigan roads and supporting schools.

Scott Greenlee, President of the anti-Proposal 1 group Healthy and Productive Michigan, issued a statement this evening.

"Obviously the results of today’s election were not what we hoped for," Greenlee said. "We will continue to educate Michigan citizens on the harms of marijuana commercialization."

Also passing in the midterm election according to the New York Times was Proposal 2, to create an independent commission of randomly chosen voters to redraw districts in a more transparent, non-partisan manner. All meetings, materials and methods used in the redistricting process will be public.

“This may be the end of the election process, but it is only the beginning of a new, more transparent redistricting process for our state for decades to come,” said Nancy Wang, board president of pro-Proposal 2 group Voters Not Politicians.    

Proposal 3 also passed by a significant margin, according to the New York Times. This proposal includes a collection of provisions improving Michigan voters’ access to the polls. These provisions include no-reason absentee voting, automatic voter registration upon receiving state ID and same-day voter registration in the two weeks before and including Election Day.

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