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Column: What it's like being a transfer student to MSU

August 29, 2018

Transferring to MSU was a difficult decision, but one I know I won't regret.

I'm a transfer student from Oakland University. Transferring from a four-year institution that was already far away from my home helps with the transition to MSU. I've already completed the homesick, "I hate being far away" period and now I'm in the “I’m ready to be by myself” period. 

Why did I transfer to MSU? For most people who know me, they figured it was because my significant other goes to MSU. I visited him every other weekend. However, this assumption is false. My goal is to become great, not good, but great at what I do. As a journalism major and art history minor, I get a significant amount of flak from others about my career and education paths.

MSU had what I needed. OU was great, though. I loved the professors and I miss my friends and classmates dearly. But the school did not seem to care about either my major or minor. It was not STEM, nursing or business, so the things I had chosen to study weren't really cared for. 

OU has five giant buildings for certain colleges. Engineering, human health, education, business and math/science were all included. The department was only granted two strictly-journalism classrooms in the bottom of one of the residence halls. But MSU gave their journalism program an entire building. 

On top of that, MSU has the top journalism program in the state right now. This makes their program noticeable by future employers.

The transfer so far has been relatively smooth. I'm an anxious person who has to have everything planned in advance. I couldn't choose classes until July 19. I got into a good amount of my classes, though, so all that is left is to move in.

Since I am a transfer junior, I am able to live in an apartment on campus, which will be the first one I’ve ever rented. I'm going in blind with roommates because I simply don’t know many people who go to MSU. My high school was tiny, so there are only about five students from my town who go to MSU.

It'll also be interesting to live in a true college town. Rochester Hills is where OU is located, and it is more suburbia than college town since it's a piece of Detroit. I think I will become more environmentally-friendly here since so many people use bikes. OU was simply too small for that.

The most challenging aspect of transferring so far was figuring out what classes of mine transferred and narrowing down what I still had to take. Luckily, all of my credits transferred and some of them knocked out other classes that I didn’t think they would. My advisor at MSU has gone above and beyond what I’ve ever had for an advisor. Even before I was accepted, she would email me and help me with all my credits.

I am so excited to learn more about this university and become a Spartan. I wanted to go to MSU earlier, but I didn't have the grades. It's never too early to strive toward a dream. I can't wait to see what the future holds both for my education and for my career.


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