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Letter from the editor: The State News will not add to speculation at spring game

April 1, 2017

MSU's annual Green-White Spring Football Game is April 1, and the program is still in uncharted water. MSU head football coach Mark Dantonio spoke to the press for the first time in 55 days on March 28. 

It was the first time Dantonio addressed the media in a press conference since an investigation into an alleged sexual assault involving three MSU football players and a staff member was made public in early February. The last presser Dantonio held was for National Signing Day on Feb. 1.

To protect the integrity of the investigation, The State News will not add speculation as to who these three football players involved in the incident are during the spring game. 

In his press conference March 28, Dantonio said there have been other players suspended from the program beyond the three who are involved in the alleged sexual assault case, but would not state any names.

To count which players are on the field or the sideline or any other variation of speculating who these three players are harms the integrity of the investigation. It harms players suspended for reasons unrelated to the investigation, it could interfere with the investigation itself and therefore harm the alleged victim involved in the case. 

What the media needs to do is leave the opportunity for a clean investigation to occur, and speculating who might be involved stops this from happening.

While other media organizations might count players and let rumors fly during and after the spring game, The State News will be held to a higher standard.  

It should be noted The State News Editorial Board is in support of this letter. The State News Editorial Board is made up of the Editor-in-chief Jake Allen, Managing Editor Cameron Macko, Campus Editor Rachel Fradette, City Editor Stephen Olschanski, Sports Editor Souichi Terada, Features Editor McKenna Ross, Copy Chief Casey Holland, Staff Representative Marie Weidmayer and Diversity Representative Madison O’Connor.

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